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Commercial Window Cleaning Services

Your view was chosen to inspire you. We work to keep it as clear tomorrow as it was the very first day you laid eyes through the window. Our technicians are trained in the most effective and safest window cleaning methods available. We take the time to update our window cleaning service technicians’ training regularly because you deserve peace of mind. 


Our services are split into four branches:


Initial Window Cleaning


There’s no more important time to get a proper window cleaning than the start date of your lease or closing finalization for purchases. Your windows will color the way you see the rest of the world around the building. Considering the average worker spends ten hours per day or more inside, that’s a huge deal. We get it done properly the first time. 


Regular Window Cleaning


Keeping up the quality of your view is important, especially if investors, business partners, or other cohorts are around. If an investor is used to pristine windows and a crystal-clear view, they will likely notice your smudges, dirt, or other obstructions on-sight. We provide personnel to clean your windows on an as-needed basis, as often as you’d like. 


High-rise and Low-rise Window Cleaning


High-rise and Low-rise window cleaning have been historically treacherous tasks. We’ve equipped our teams with the best gear and tools available and we ensure every employee keeps their training fresh. Because no risk is acceptable if steps can be taken to mitigate it. And you deserve to see a sparkling city every day. 


New Construction Window Cleaning


New construction window cleaning is a special process that includes removing any excess construction materials and chemicals from all window surfaces. We do this meticulously because every bit left in place can drastically impact the indoor air quality of your offices. You’ve paid a premium for the new building, let Pritchard help you keep it clean.


Experience In Your Industry


Pritchard Industries employees work to maintain the highest quality of clean for our carpet cleaning and janitorial service clients every day.

  • Commercial Real Estate Companies managing Class A

    • Office Buildings

    • Corporate Parks

    • Work Centers

  • Educational Facilities (K-12 and Higher Education)

  • Medical Office Buildings

  • Government Buildings

  • Industrial Operations Including

    • Industrial Manufacturing Centers

    • Industrial Distribution Centers

    • Industrial Data Centers


Additional Benefits Working with Pritchard Industries


When our clients come to us, they expect the whole Pritchard Package. We offer the following benefits to our janitorial service clients and our industry-leading customer retention rate (Over 95%) tells the rest. 


  • Industry-standard antimicrobial coatings on-demand

  • GBAC-trained technicians behind each fogging machine

  • LEED green” environmental membership

  • LEED green employee training

  • Our promise to deliver our best work with every visit, including quality control

  • Commitment to clear communication and employee well-being

  • Peace of mind, guaranteed.


Client Testimonials


”We were looking for a way to increase productivity in serving our restrooms in accordance with usage and Pritchard delivered a fantastic solution”


– Property Manager, Gillette


”I had a meeting with JPMorgan Chase’s corporate real estate executives earlier this week.  They were very complimentary of the housekeeping services on their floors”


– Senior Manager, Fortis


“Cleaning standard increased by a 10% margin in a one-year period, response times and manpower requirement feel, and training programs that were tailored helped reduce overall expenditures by clearly identifying tasks and routines.”

– Representative, BWI Airport

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