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Harnessing technology for advanced cleaning you can rely on.

The Pritchard team focuses on planned cleanliness and hygiene, monitored and ensured through our software CleanTouch. Matching your needs and our professional standards goes beyond quality control to a documented assurance of safety and sustainable reliability.


Job Scheduling

CleanTouch software increases productivity and predictability by setting notifications and scheduling daily or periodic care.

Match scheduled services to essential results. Ensure healthy surroundings through regular attention to detailed tasks. Keep all involved informed and prepared for both routine preparation and new challenges.




The CleanTouch process executes surveys regularly, built into its job management software.

Immediate and tracked feedback from clients and building occupants. Timely awareness of developing challenges and front-line issues. Enable planning based on client goals and challenges.


CT Surveys.png


CleanTouch software gathers our managed cleanliness data into effective reports, so the value and effects of services and staffing can be assessed and acted on.

Generate reports that foster improved productivity and quicker response. Provide text messages and emails that alert management and supervisory staff. Enable quick review and response on the basis of results, tracked trends, and client-specific needs.



Business Intelligence

CleanTouch channels real-time actionable data to our management team, along with performance insights and assessments.

Meet high standards for health and safety in clean interior spaces. Provide tracking reports and communication to all decision makers. Tailor training programs that reduce overall expenditures and ensure task performance and accountability.




Assess and evaluate real-time issues and needs with inspection software that keeps all supervisors and management informed and responded to. 

Short response times to events and issues. Reliable matching  of solutions to spaces. Early awareness of changes and challenges.



Work Orders

Instantly communicate and dispatch work orders to those responsible and keep management informed, with all actions tracked.

Respond immediately to client needs.Provide organized and actionable reports and trend tracking. Make building services predictable, reliable, and valued.


Your needs, met.

Tackle the problems and solutions your business demands. Meanwhile, breathe more easily, because our partnership sustains the clean and healthy facility that you rely on.

The right partner, core values, service coverage, quality control and commitment.

Take a look at our case studies and discover how we have helped our clients resolve their unique cleaning needs.

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