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How Cleaning Companies can Offer our Youth a Healthier, Safer School Environment

Cleaning companies are uniquely positioned to provide a clean, safe, and healthy environment for our children. While many parents and schools discuss whether or not kids should mask up inside of educational facilities, our staff focuses on keeping those facilities as clean as possible.

The only way to ensure that students aren’t subjected to unnecessary risk is to clean schools regularly and thoroughly. This should include disinfection of all high-traffic areas including desks and computers, regular trash removal and sanitation, and regular sanitization of both HVAC ductwork and HVAC air returns.

The Crisis in School Facilities

Schools are currently struggling to keep up with technology as well as demand for up-to-date cleaning and sanitization protocols. Many schools have proven an inability to keep their facilities clean and free of pollutants such as mold. Worse yet, many schools are lacking support for key maintenance activities.

Some school systems have adopted professional commercial cleaning services. This trend bodes well for the future of education. Facility managers and professional cleaning companies are able to ensure a consistently high quality of clean for all parts of the school grounds. This includes ventilation shafts and vents.

Other areas that stand to benefit include fixture maintenance, furniture cleaning, and upkeep, and even improved response to spills and other potential hazards. Schools not only provide a haven of education for the future, but they also provide shelter for thousands of people nationwide in case of emergency. We must invest in our educational institutions for the future.

Getting Schools Back on Track

Schools don’t just need funding to get back on track, they need expertise that is often hard to come by. Green cleaning and environmental alignment are key parts of keeping schools aligned with upgrades. Public health guidelines evolve regularly as situations do, such as those experienced with COVID-19.

Professional cleaning services are also able to train teachers, staff, and students on best practices for keeping the building safe and clean. The best professional cleaners are associated with the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) and many are also associated with the Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC).

These professional organizations issue regular updates and best practices for cleaning and limiting the spread of pathogens like COVID. Highlighting the need and objective path to completion for getting and keeping schools up to speed is one of the most commonly evaluated criteria when it comes to getting funding to do so.

Improve Indoor Air Quality

Poor indoor air quality has proven to be a common cause of respiratory discomfort in students and staff alike. Further, it is likely to increase absenteeism among students and staff. It may even lead to costly repairs over time, should minor repairs such as ventilation leaks or minor pipe leaks arise. Replacing a ceiling or a floor and subflooring is far more expensive than properly repairing a leaky pipe or faucet.

School buildings also need key upgrades such as energy-efficient bulbs and facilities, hand dryers, and programmable thermostats that enable the HVAC system to operate at optimal times to manage internal temperatures without running constantly. Air purifiers and ventilation upgrades also go a long way toward updating schools. Hazardous material (HazMat) removal and abatement, such as asbestos removal, mold abatement, and lead paint removal are all key to revitalizing older education facilities.

Get Rid of Moisture

Old buildings are notorious for retaining moisture. Porous ceiling tiles, old sheetrock, and large amounts of old fabric, such as old gym equipment are all excellent places for moisture to hide. Some of the worst places to retain moisture, however, are in dark areas, such as ventilation shafts. These areas make a breeding ground for mold and bacteria. Further, moisture tends to spread throughout buildings. This is why regular janitorial services are necessary for keeping schools safe, especially in the midst of a global pandemic. The resulting moisture and bacteria that are incubated in retained moisture are common causes of illness among students and staff. Keeping the moisture down massively reduces the spread of harmful pathogens. Removing and replacing old building materials, using dehumidifiers, and employing regular janitorial services are among the most effective ways to remove moisture from older school buildings and preventing it for newer ones.

Surface Cleaning and Sanitation

Professional commercial cleaning services are often responsible for cleaning during off-hours, such as nighttime or in the evenings, after school hours. Their job is to ensure that buildings are clean and all common surfaces are sanitized. They wipe down hard to reach areas and even implement green cleaning best practices such as LEED Green compliance and Green Seal certification.

Pritchard Industries is Green Seal certified and our technicians employ the most up-to-date green cleaning standards available.

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