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Commercial Disinfecting Services

We’ve partnered with experts and leading organizations from around the world to bolster our disinfecting services staff members over the last century.

The Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC), US Green Building Council (USGBC), and Cleaning Management Institute (CMI) among other Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association (ISSA) components are among our go-to resources for ensuring safe and green disinfection services for our clients.

When you rely on a building services company to clean and aid in maintaining your operations, it’s vital to know you’re benefitting from experts across specializations such as disaster response, infectious disease microbiology, biosafety, and biosafety facility compliance and control procedures, in addition to bio-forensics and bio-agent identification.

It’s not just about cleaning up the dirt and grime, we’re committed to making a cleaner, greener world for tomorrow and every day to come.

Toward that end, the COVID-19 pandemic has driven a massive need to keep offices, commercial spaces, and other commerce-oriented spaces clean and safe. The CDC and EPA have provided clear guidelines about what procedure should be taken and which cleaning agents should be used, respectively.

For your convenience,

This link will take you to the CDC’s most recent building cleanliness guidelines

And this link will guide you to a long list of EPA-Approved cleaning and disinfection agents for commercial use.

Our electrostatic-fogging technicians are all GBAC-trained and we equip them with the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Commercial Disinfection and Sterilization Services

Coronavirus disinfection Service

  • COVID-19 comes from a family of viruses called coronaviruses. COVID’s proper name is SARS-CoV-2, meaning that it is a coronavirus that is most closely related to SARS, which caused an outbreak in Asia during 2002-2004.

  • Our technicians use disinfection agents from the EPA’s “List N” which lists cleaning and disinfection agents that are effective against COVID-19. Due to our connections with other leaders in the cleaning space, we equip our technicians with whatever cleaning agents are necessary to disinfect client operations and facilities while adhering to LEED Green standards.

Steam cleaning for upholstery

  • Part of our disinfection process includes steam cleaning for upholstery. The intense heat from steam kills most microbes that might survive a fogging application.

  • While fogging with EPA-approved cleaners and disinfectants is often sufficient to keep things functionally clean, we use a multi-faceted approach to sterilization and disinfection. To date, we’ve retained more than 95% of our clients.

  • Processes like steam cleaning ensure that our clients are safe, happy, and productive in their workspaces.

Carpet and drapery steam cleaning

  • In addition to steam cleaning upholstery, our technicians are also trained to steam-clean carpet, drapery, and other fabrics that may harbor microbes or fugitive dirt and allergens.

Tile and grout disinfecting

  • Hard surfaces such as tile and porous surfaces such as the grout between tiles are often neglected in order to drive cost efficiency. Pritchard technicians have made a name for themselves by taking the time to slow down and ensure that tiles aren’t just waxed or sprayed off. They utilize cleaning industry best practices to achieve a complete clean.

HVAC spray services

  • Recent studies have shown that indoor air quality becomes stale and stagnant very quickly. As a result of this stagnation, air quality in office buildings and homes is often very low. We’ve begun using HVAC spraying to freshen the air and eliminate harmful microbes that may have been deposited in corners, joints, and vent size reductions.

Floor disinfecting and sterilizing services

  • Floor disinfection is a critical part of the disinfection and sterilization processes. It’s impossible to properly clean a building while leaving the floor poorly attended. We implement a combination of debris removal, sweeping, mopping, and as-needed applications of antimicrobial coatings to ensure that floors stay clean long after our crews head home.

Residential & commercial spray services

  • Technicians are available for both residential and commercial spray services. To see if you’re in a supported area, please use the [CTA Here] to determine our nearest location. While crews travel often, we offer long-range services at our discretion.

Steam cleaning for carpets, area rugs, and Oriental carpets

  • Cleaning carpets requires a delicate balance of elbow grease with equal parts intuition and precision. Our technicians are trained for steam cleaning carpets, area rugs, oriental carpets, and other similar carpet installations. Steam serves to clean, disinfect, and condition carpet fibers without damage.

  • Among cleaning industry professionals, steam cleaning is widely known as the most reliable disinfection and restoration option for carpet of nearly every type.

We Offer Additional Services A La Carte

Effectiveness of Pritchard Industries’ Disinfecting Services

  • Pritchard’s Disinfecting Service is effective against viruses and other microbes including (but not limited to)

  • Coronavirus COVID 19

  • C.DIFF


  • Multi-drug resistant Bacteria

  • HIV

  • Influenza A Virus

  • T4 & T1 Bacteriophages

  • Salmonella

Reliable Disinfecting Services for Your Business

Pritchard is proud to serve clients in the following categories.

  • Commercial Real Estate Companies managing Class A Office Buildings,

  • Corporate Parks, and Work Centers.

  • Educational Facilities (K-12 & Higher Education),

  • Medical Office Buildings,

  • Government Buildings

  • Industrial Manufacturing and Distribution Centers

  • Data Centers

We provide services to some other business types at our discretion. When you hire Pritchard to maintain your facilities, you benefit from our experience for over 100 years in service to some of the world’s leading companies.

Additional Benefits Of Working with Pritchard Industries:

  • We provide Industry-leading training and preparation programs for our technicians

  • Pritchard is proudly LEED Green certified and listed as a Green Seal company, ensuring consistent environmental awareness and care

  • Pritchard employees and contractors receive regular training updates and refresher sessions

  • Our approaches to planning and implementation have been refined across more than 100 years

  • An Industry-leading customer retention rate (over 96%) shows our true attention to detail

  • Our thoroughly documented QA process ensures that Pritchard employees miss no details

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