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The Types of Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services could save your business time, money, and the effort of learning how to clean yourself. Commercial cleaning should be reliable, enabling you to engage their services with minimal maintenance.

You must invest in the health and safety of your employees and customers who enter your business. We seek to guide you to your best fit, no matter which type of business you operate,

These are the different types of commercial cleaning services and how your business might benefit from using them.

What is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning is, essentially, cleaning business-focused locations or locations that support commerce. Commercial locations, such as malls, industrial parks, and shared office spaces benefit from professional commercial cleaning services because clients and customers expect these sites to stay clean, organized, and well-stocked.

By enlisting a commercial cleaning company, businesses can better manage their business without stressing about the logistics of managing their properties. Commercial cleaners make money by keeping up commercial locations; they’re uniquely qualified to handle it on behalf of other businesses. Ensure you request information on cleaning services offered by your prospective professional cleaning service.

The Types of Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial cleaning services each provide unique benefits. As an overarching statement, commercial cleaning services help reduce the administrative costs of doing business—including reducing the number of sick days taken by employees each year. They further reduce operational expenses by performing regular building maintenance as needed.

Due to the specialized nature of business, several types of commercial cleaning businesses have emerged, enabling business owners to utilize carpet cleaning, secure facilities cleaning, and other commercial cleaning services to keep their campus clean, safe, and fully functional.

The best secure cleaners offer service personnel that have undergone extensive, voluntary background checks and hold current clearance with the government. Excellent carpet cleaning businesses use green cleaning solutions, steam cleaning, and other carpet cleaning methods that don’t degrade carpet fibers over time.

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Businesses rely on HVAC, or Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, to climate control their facilities. Because this temperature-regulated air flows through ventilation shafts that can become clogged with dirt, debris, and bacteria, it’s vital to clean HVAC vent shafts regularly.

Further, HVAC vent outlets, where air flows out, must be maintained regularly, including regular verification that the vents remain uncovered. Regular, thorough cleaning for HVAC vents and outlets enables businesses to reduce their operational expenses, eliminate contamination from the air ducts, including dust, dirt, and biological contaminants such as COVID-19 or the common flu.

Floor Cleaning

Commercial floor cleaning often includes carpet cleaning, floor wax application, vacuuming, buffing, and even tile and grout cleaning. Each of these tasks seems mundane at the surface, but they stand as the difference between a monotone grey granite floor instead of a glimmering grey granite floor with spotless grout that offers a stark contrast and commands customers’ attention.

Carpet cleaning and other forms of upholstery cleaning may be simple tasks on the surface—but without the right tools, cleaning solutions, and expertise, an easy-to-clean spill can result in ruined fabric or carpet when treated by unskilled personnel.

Not only should commercial carpet cleaners maintain their skills through regular usage, but they should also constantly seek to hone their craft. Knowing when to apply a technique such as steam cleaning instead of using green cleaning solutions for a spot or stain treatment truly sets the best commercial carpet cleaners apart.

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning ensures that your brand displays everything you have to offer—to prospects who can see in and workers who can see out. A well-maintained campus is well-suited to pair with clean and clear windows. Commercial cleaners know that smudged windows can result in lost productivity and motivation. Showing your team that you care isn’t only accomplished by having the windows cleaned, though that is part of the process. Common areas that benefit from window cleaning services include

  • Sliding doors

  • Window screens

  • Storefront windows

Professional commercial cleaning services often take responsibility for resolving window discoloration, clearing away dust and airborne allergens that have settled on the glass, and maximizing the optical visibility of storefronts. Janitorial services generally supplement these tasks.

Janitorial Work

Janitorial cleaning work ensures that working and customer-facing areas are free of debris, properly maintained, and fully stocked. Sanitation, clearing refuse from a site, is a vital aspect of janitorial work. Janitors often use systematic approaches to sweeping and trash disposal to ensure they can clean time-efficiently.

Businesses of all types can benefit from janitorial services. Still, customer-facing businesses like stores, legal offices, and large-scale office complexes reap the most benefit from office cleaning and janitorial services. Janitorial services are valuable because they also restock consumable goods such as toilet paper, hand soap, and air freshener.

Benefitting your Business with Commercial Cleaning Services

Power washing, among countless other commercial cleaning tasks, is vital to maintaining a respectable and clean operating environment.

The best commercial cleaning services speak through their customer retention rate. We know that customers communicate with their wallets, which is why Pritchard Industries is proud to retain more than 95% of our customer base since its inception more than 100 years ago.

If you’re interested in hiring a commercial cleaning service, please reach out to get started!

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