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New York City

Commercial Cleaning 
Services in New York, NY

Your employees trust you to deliver a safe, clean, reliable workplace. We can help you maintain that type of environment, no matter what the weather looks like. 


Our New York City-based technicians are trained and equipped for snow and ice removal, regular ice checks, and a plethora of facility and building services—including maintenance-related duties. 


Wise business owners know that maintaining a clean, safe, and polished business environment requires far more than your occasional deep cleaning once or twice each month. Commercial cleaning and facility maintenance services include options such as carpet cleaning, landscaping, and property management encompass just a few of the services we offer. 

Cleaning Services Offered in New York, NY

Commercial cleaning and disinfection are essential to operating respectable businesses. Cleaning and facilities management services companies in New York City maintain a high standard for cleanliness—due in part to competition from commercial cleaning companies and high-quality facilities management providers. 


People expect great things from businesses. We offer janitorial services to industrial and residential businesses, such as landlords, in addition to our commercial cleaning services and industrial cleaning services. Our staff knows how to handle delicate operations, for example, museum cleaning and disinfection.

We provide the following services to our clients, using tailored cleaning packages. Some of the services included in those packages are:

  • Janitorial Cleaning & Maintenance

  • Commercial Carpet Cleaning

  • Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Floor & Furniture Care

  • Emergency Cleaning Response

  • Recycling Services

  • Restroom Disinfection

  • And more!

As part of our commitment to the safety of your facilities and the health of all visitors and workers, Pritchard Industries consistently updates training for our staff. We also ensure constant updates for equipment, cleaning solutions, and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). 


We consistently update our procedure manuals and electronic quality assurance (QA) system. Every Pritchard technician is trained regularly with these resources. Your customer service experience depends on a clean and presentable environment. We’ll go much further together. 

Pritchard goes above and beyond standard commercial cleaning to guarantee the quality, sustainability, and protective disinfection services for businesses throughout New York City.

A commercial cleaning company should be committed not only to keeping your facility clean and well-maintained, but also to preserving and protecting your business’s assets. For this reason, we employ extensive quality control measures to ensure our company is constantly performing to our high standards, anticipating the needs of your business, and satisfying them promptly. These proactive measures and services include:

Don’t just take our word for it though. Contact Pritchard Industries in Miami, FL today to learn firsthand why our customer retention rate is 98%—the best in the industry. We look forward to providing the services you need to ensure your commercial building always looks its best!

Types of Facilities Served

We serve a wide range of clients and facility types. Our staff is accustomed to providing high-quality service no matter what type of environment they are working in. 


Office buildings

Office cleaning services often include disinfection, upholstery cleaning, and high-touch surface disinfection. Population centers, like NYC and the greater metropolitan area, require consistent disinfection of surfaces including counters and desks to maintain a safe work or office environment.


Residential buildings

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, people have become increasingly particular about the ways they interact with other people. Cleaning services are no exception. Pritchard provides reliable, safe cleaning services for residential property owners and managers, affordably.

Medical offices

Health-related facilities require an elevated degree of cleaning and sanitization. Many cleaning professionals from Pritchard are GBAC-trained technicians who use FDA-approved electrostatic fogger equipment and FDA-approved, green cleaning solutions, such as hydrogen peroxide-based sprays. They pay close attention to detail and provide high-quality deep cleaning for medical facilities. 


Storage facilities can quickly accumulate scrap materials, dust, and other environmental hazards. Spills often require professional cleaning and janitorial services to avoid injury and workers’ compensation claims.

Financial Institutions

Financial institutions, such as banks and stock exchanges, the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), for example, require thorough cleaning and sanitization during off-hours to ensure that the location is safe for traders to return. Window cleaning is a common order for financial institutions, such as banking branches, where appearance is everything. 

Why Choose Pritchard?

We know there are countless commercial cleaning companies and janitorial companies to choose from in Dallas. Evaluate the janitorial needs of your business through consultations, look at what differentiates each cleaner from the next. We designed our services around our core values:

Partnership. Precision. Reliability.

These principles inspire our approach to cleaning and maintaining your commercial facility. We partner with you to determine the unique needs of your company, deliver tangible, accurate results, and show up consistently, day after day, to fulfill your needs, even when they change. 

We adhere to these values through our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG)-related initiatives. Pritchard Industries is both Green Seal and LEED Green certified. That means our technicians use green cleaning supplies, such as microbial-based cleaners to minimize our environmental footprint.


"We've had the opportunity to utilize the disinfection spraying and anti-microbial coating services by Pritchard. It has put to ease the minds of those frontline workers that must come to the office every day. 


The Pritchard day and night crews have done an outstanding job of maintaining the standard of the facility while also paying special attention to the high touchpoints. Please pass along our gratitude and appreciation to each and every staffer that supports this facility."

– CTECC, 911 Call Center


”I had a meeting with JPMorgan Chase’s corporate real estate executives earlier this week.  They were very complimentary of the housekeeping services on their floors”


– Senior Manager, Fortis


"We were looking for a way to increase productivity in serving our restrooms in accordance with usage and Pritchard delivered a fantastic solution."


– Property Manager, Gillette

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