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Commercial Cleaning For Medical Offices & Facilities

At your front line and ours, Pritchard employees are “essential.” That’s why we choose them with such care. 

Cleaning Services For Your Medical Facility 

Your patients come to you for safety and assistance in maintaining their health. We work to ensure our clients’ medical sites and facilities are properly maintained and disinfected regularly. Doctor’s offices, patient waiting rooms, and other high-traffic sites require regular sanitization, janitorial services, and upkeep. 


Pritchard’s facilities management crews provide a broad range of services. Some of our key services include:

  • Medical office disinfection and sanitization

  • Floorcare and sanitation

  • Patient room cleaning

  • Restroom cleaning and restocking

  • Pathogen OSHA and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) Standards

  • Department-specific services for hospitals

  • Cleaning and disinfecting imaging areas, medical labs, surgical suites, exam rooms, and other critical facilities

Choose Our Cleaning Services

Our professional cleaning and service staff use only environmentally friendly and EPA-approved antiviral solutions, including the use of hydrogen peroxide as cleaning propellant, in conjunction with GBAC-certified technicians that apply them using electrostatic foggers and other related equipment. 


We stick to Green Seal-certified germicides, glass cleaners, restroom, and all-purpose cleaners, and, when necessary, antimicrobial coatings. Some of our offerings include using microbial cleaners—safe microbes that help break down greases, fats, and other hard-to-clean contaminants. Even floor wax and strippers. 


We work hard to reduce or eliminate the use of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which are responsible for a large amount of indoor air pollution and an overall reduction in air quality. 


Did you know that poor air quality in the workplace is a substantial cause of employee absenteeism? a 2021 study by Harvard T.H. Chan Medical School found that the health impacts of air quality. Included in the study, fine particulate matter (PM2.5) and elevated carbon dioxide levels had notable effects on participant accuracy and efficiency in completing tasks.

This is particularly important when considering mission-critical areas such as surgery suites and medical labs. You can’t risk cross-contamination of surfaces, we’re prepared to uphold the cleaning standards required to prevent it. 

Employee Testimonials
Image by Artem Sapegin
"It's a growing company, making improvements in employee benefits and workplace culture. The management is accessible and supportive. The best part of the job is working with talented and dedicated employees in the various branches around the country."
 Boston Employee
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