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Green Cleaning Commitment

At Pritchard, it's our responsibility to care for your environment, both internal & external.  
It's a responsibility we take seriously.

We choose our cleaning products not only based on their quality, but their adherence to EPA guidelines.  Additionally, we practice all LEED certification requirements, are proud members of the US Green Building Council and Green Seal certified.  But it's not only the products we use, it's the procedures we employ, that ensure ours is an environmentally safe approach.

Your internal environment requires that your cleaning service is knowledgeable about your most valuable assets. 

Your executive furniture and art, not to mention your specialized technical equipment, be it your computers, imaging systems or faxes.  Because we know that the only thing more important than cleaning, is doing it with the utmost care.


Just as important is the protection of your facility when you're not there.


Locking all of your
doors and shutting off
your lights.


A simple, yet invaluable part of what you expect from a cleaning service.

What does it all amount to? Asset protection. Which, in turn, provides asset preservation. Isn't that why you hire a cleaning service in the first place?

Case Study:
Green Cleaning
TIAA 1300 Eye Street

Pritchard's success has been focused on a philosophy of continually developing and expanding our services and technologies in response to the ever changing and varying needs of our clients.


Take a look at our case studies and discover how we have helped our clients resolve their unique cleaning needs.

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