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Commercial Cleaning For Data Centers

At your front line and ours, Pritchard employees are “essential.” That’s why we choose them with such care. 

Cleaning Services For Data Centers

Data centers form the backbone of the modern economy. Creators and companies rely on cloud-based services to maximize their efficiency and minimize overhead. Larger companies host data centers to ensure peace of mind and operational resilience and maintain full control over their data streams. 

Why Does Your Company Need Data Center Cleaning?

  • Compliance

  • Improves equipment reliability

  • Removes contaminants

  • Minimizes the risk of downtime

  • Improves performance

  • Increases reliability

Data Center Cleaning Services

Pritchard Industries provides comprehensive data center cleaning services for clients in multiple industries. Our services include:

Floor Surface Cleaning

Technicians are responsible for ensuring that floors are free of dirt and debris. Datacenter floors are often engineered to ensure that static electricity and other stray current are routed directly to the ground. This ensures the longevity of servers, switches, IDE, and other equipment in the data center.

Equipment Cleaning

Cleaning the racks, cages, wire management, and electronics is vital to maintaining a healthy and safe working environment. Pritchard technicians undergo specialized cleaning training for a wide range of networking equipment and storage units with green cleaning solutions.

Sub-floor and Above Ceiling Cleaning

Data centers often utilize in-rack ventilation, which forces air through the floor and ceiling to optimize cooling efficiency, enabling large-scale chiller units to provide forced air cooling rather than a dedicated ventilation fan per rack, driving inefficiency and increased costs. Per-rack ventilation systems can also rack up substantial fees via contracted maintenance programs.

Post-Construction Cleanup

Data centers require a lot of construction and custom building modifications and require flawlessly clean air to ensure hardware longevity. Few things would be as catastrophic as losing a full array of striped storage drives or, worse still, a drive controller. Clean rooms are especially important in this respect.

Disaster Recovery

Pritchard technicians are trained to efficiently clean data centers and similar spaces in a natural disaster. Data storage materials and sensitive electronics can be damaged during the cleanup process, where they may have otherwise been salvageable unless cleaning protocols are executed meticulously.

MDF/IDF Closet Cleaning

Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) closets are computer rooms that host cabling and vital network hardware. Technicians must be familiar with cleaning and working around sensitive cabling and hardware. Some chemicals and cleaning techniques can damage these network components.

Critical Cleaning

Regular cleanings reduce the risk of downtime by ensuring that server rooms, command centers, raised flooring, and other areas for contaminant build-up are managed. Generator and battery backup rooms are two common places for that maintaining a controlled environment offers substantial benefits.

Custodial Cleaning

Cleaning tables, workstations, and other vital but less sensitive areas are similarly important. Staff must be able to use all parts of the data center safely and ensure that all assets are maintained. Pritchard’s commercial janitorial staff is well-known for its cleaning quality and attention to detail.

What do We Clean?

  • White spaces

    • Server rooms

    • HVAC galleries

    • Command centers

    • Computers rooms

    • Datacenter

    • Etc.

  • Grey spaces

    • Mechanical equipment rooms

    • Electrical equipment rooms

    • Generator and battery rooms

  • Customer areas

    • Lobbies

    • Conference rooms

    • Restrooms

  • Employee areas

    • Offices

    • Break rooms

    • Restrooms

Industry Leading Expertise

  • Unparalleled Expertise
    Our GBAC-trained technicians also train and retrain as standards, such as ASHRAE TC9 and ISO 14644 evolve. This ensures the highest standard of clean and a reliable, safe working environment for data center technicians.


  • Client Partnerships
    We work with clients as partners. We seek to add value on a long-term scale and integrate with our clients. In many cases, our service providers become well known and integrate with the culture of our clients.


  • Culture of Safety
    Every Pritchard technician and staff member leads by example to maintain a safety culture. We know you deserve the best, and our teams refuse to settle for providing anything less.


  • Smart Technology
    Standard-issue tablets and other devices are integrated into the Pritchard QA process to ensure everything is done to spec. When we build a plan, our teams know exactly how to execute it. We also train our technicians on the latest cleaning equipment to ensure highly efficient and detailed services.


  • Certifications
    Our technicians maintain a consistent set of industry qualifications, and we ensure they are regularly retrained as standards change. ISO, ASHRAE, WHO, and other standards don’t just exist to ensure that the machines are taken care of. Employee health, happiness, and engagement are at their peak when working environments are clean and safe. 

    • ISO 14644

    • ASHRAE TC9

    • World Health Organization

    • Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies

Why Choose Pritchard?

Our industry-veteran teams are available 24/7 on request, certified, and regularly retrained in accordance with the highest standards for cleaning and maintaining our clients’ sites. You deserve the best, a holistic approach to safety. We integrate technology into our processes to ensure that no task is left incomplete, and we build customized cleaning plans for our clients based on their unique needs.

Employee Testimonials
Image by Artem Sapegin
"It's a growing company, making improvements in employee benefits and workplace culture. The management is accessible and supportive. The best part of the job is working with talented and dedicated employees in the various branches around the country."
 Boston Employee
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