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Pandemic Response:

COVID-19 Office Sanitation

Pritchard is committed to maintaining the highest possible level of health and safety for both our employees and our customers. With that in mind, we're providing this information on How Pritchard Can Help with our most recent Brochure in addition to our monthly Facts Flyer about the Coronavirus situation.

Please use our contact form below if you have questions or would like a technician to assess your needs and provide a quote.

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A Holistic Approach To Safety:
A Message From Our Ceo Jay Leyden

The Coronavirus COVID-19 has hit our nation and the world in ways we never could have imagined.  In this challenging time, I want to assure our Pritchard employees and clients that we are committed to providing safety and peace of mind in our work environments and in the buildings that we clean.  


Providing services for over 30 years in the communities in which we live and work, we are committed to the safety, health and well-being of all.  With that in mind we have developed our return to work program to guide our actions today and in the upcoming months – Pritchard ALL SAFE™. 


Pritchard ALL SAFE™ is our holistic approach to safety and is guided by 4 main principles:  Employee Best Practices, Advanced Tools & Training, Client Focused and Enhanced Service Offerings.  Collectively we know that by focusing on people, process and technology we will be able to provide a comprehensive, fully actionable plan that works to protect our employees, clients, and those in the buildings we service.


Utilizing Employee Best Practices And Advance Tools And Training, We Empower Our Teams To Remain Client Focused At All Times When Providing Our Cleaning Services:

Utilizing technology, our Quality Assurance checks and follow up items are performed electronically through our CleanTouch propriety system.  We are committed to providing our clients with insights and analysis on up to date information concerning the Pandemic from a national and local market perspective.  Our ALL SAFE™ process provides 360° of safety not only for our employees but for all building occupants. 

Rounding Out Our All Safe™ Platform Is The Addition Of Enhanced Service Offerings For Our Clients And All Building Occupants:

With the advent of the Coronavirus Pandemic, cleaning protocols have changed.  With the additional higher levels of cleaning required and requested, we have taken the opportunity to make available to our Clients additional services.  Built upon our Classic Cleaning, providing traditional cleaning services, we offer Pritchard Plus that includes high touchpoint cleaning services, and Pritchard Platinum that includes advanced disinfection and sanitation services.  Once a surface is properly disinfected and sanitized, phase two can include coating with a special antimicrobial coating for an added layer of protection.

Jay Leyden
President & CEO

Take Care and Stay Safe.

I want to take this opportunity to thank our employees on the front lines who have remained committed to providing the very best service to our Clients and their buildings.  It is through this commitment that we are able to continue to provide exceptional services in each of our markets.  I also want to thank other organizations and individuals, like ours, who have stepped up to keep our workplaces, our cities, our states and our nation as safe and protected as possible in this unprecedented time.  

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It All Starts With Employee Best Practices:

Pritchard employees have been designated as “Essential Employees” during this Pandemic, we follow and train our employees utilizing the CDC, OSHA, EPA and WHO guidance.  This training includes, frequent hand washing with the appropriate instructions for proper cleaning of hands, the use of sanitizer where hand washing facilities are unavailable, strictly following social distancing guidelines from entering the workplace until their shifts are complete, and temperature checking availability. 

Providing Our Employees With Advanced Tools And Training Enables Them To Perform Work Safely And In Compliance With All Agencies And Manufacturers:

ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association, offers online certification with its new Microbial Warrior Workshop.  Managers in each market we serve have been certified and additional training materials for use with their employees are being utilized.  We focus heavily on supplying and adhering to the standards for appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for every employee. Our employees are all properly trained in the use of our disinfection equipment, and in the proper use of the chemicals to disinfect and apply anti-microbial coatings.

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