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Commercial Cleaning For Commercial Offices

At your front line and ours, Pritchard employees are “essential.” That’s why we choose them with such care. 

Cleaning Services For Commercial Offices


Commercial Office Cleaning services provide a critical service for businesses. Focusing on the dirty work empowers business leaders to keep their focus aligned on their most productive and aligned tasks at all times. 

Why Does Your Company Need Commercial Cleaning? 

  • Compliance

  • Improves equipment reliability

  • Removes contaminants

  • Improves performance

  • Etc.

Commercial Cleaning Services 

A Commercial cleaning company should serve to ensure that your commercial offices and all other commercial or industrial spaces are left cleaned and sanitized regularly. This is a vital part of maintaining a highly-engaged and efficient business. Sites like break rooms can quickly become employee sore spots if not properly maintained. 

Pritchard technicians are equipped with highly effective green cleaning products that don’t leave high concentrations of Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs) in the building. VOCs can be harmful to employee health and overall wellness. Cleaning solutions are vital to an effective professional cleaning engagement, so we choose the best. 

  • Offices

  • Windows

  • Common rooms

  • Restrooms

  • Break rooms

  • Etc.

Industry Leading Expertise

  • Unparalleled Expertise
    Pritchard technicians go through in-depth training, and many are industry veterans. We constantly work to push the leading edge of clean. Our process combines decades of expertise with an ever-growing wealth of information shared among members of professional organizations, such as the Worldwide Cleaning Association (ISSA).


  • Client Partnerships
    We join forces with clients to produce a long-lasting relationships. We seek to integrate with our clients because we believe that truly clean facilities are maintained in a non-obstructive manner. Pritchard day porters and light duty cleaners are key in providing regular cleanings while heavy-duty cleaners and other staff provide


  • Culture of Safety
    Pritchard works hard to instill a culture of safety in our teams. We are proud to know that our teams are able to work with clients and instill the same values at their sites. Part of our culture of safety is attention to detail, which empowers our workers to see many potential risks before they are able to happen.


  • Smart Technology
    Our expert commercial cleaners use an electronic cleaning Quality Assurance (QA) system to ensure that any plans we work with you to develop are implemented flawlessly. Deep cleaning, carpet cleaning, disinfection, and carpet cleaning services are just a few among the wide range of services we offer. We continually seek out new technology and tools to empower our cleaning teams with the best the industry offers.


  • Certifications
    Pritchard Industries maintains multiple certifications in the green cleaning and wellness arenas. LEED Green is a building standard that Pritchard maintains for our clients, while WELL Institute certifications are human-first, health and wellness-focused, and span ten categories. WELL certifications currently cover more than three billion square feet of commercial and industrial facilities.

    • LEED

    • WELL

    • FITWEL

    • GreenSeal Certified

    • World Health Organization

    • Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technologies

Why Choose Pritchard?

Experienced team

Our teams are among the most experienced in the industry. We bolster these industry veterans with the latest and greatest in maintenance and cleaning technology. We also provide regular training and retraining to ensure that all clients receive the best possible service quality.


The latest methods and equipment used

Pritchard is an independently owned and operated business that prioritizes green cleaning solutions. We use up-to-date cleaning methods and industry-leading equipment to provide a robust way for Pritchard technicians to clean and disinfect your locations.


A holistic approach to safety

Our teams use a holistic approach to safety, enabling them to help mitigate risks before potentially dangerous situations arise. At the heart of our team’s approach is genuine care for our fellow people. We seek to empower you and your workers to operate at your best each and every day.


Integrated technology

Pritchard’s CleanTouch quality assurance system lies in the palms of each and every Pritchard team that is deployed to a client site. This electronic QA system ensures that no details are missed. It doesn’t matter how small the detail is, our teams work hard to ensure everything is managed.


24/7 availability

Our teams are available 24/7 to ensure workers at your sites have access to clean and healthy work environments. Depending upon the cleaning and maintenance plans we generate for your business, 24/7 availability can be implemented across the board, or only for special occasions and deep cleanings. 

Employee Testimonials
Image by Artem Sapegin
"It's a growing company, making improvements in employee benefits and workplace culture. The management is accessible and supportive. The best part of the job is working with talented and dedicated employees in the various branches around the country."
 Boston Employee
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