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Commercial Cleaning For Cleanrooms

At your front line and ours, Pritchard employees are “essential.” That’s why we choose them with such care. 

Cleaning Services For Cleanrooms 

Cleanrooms require specialized micro-cleaning and contamination control services. Our technicians are trained and retrained regularly to ensure that all micro and macro-scale cleanroom cleaning tasks are flawlessly executed. Our teams are able to support Class A (ISO 3) to Class D (ISO 9) cleanroom needs. 

Why Your Cleanroom Needs Special Care 

  • Keeping the cleanroom sterile

  • Safety

  • Compliance

  • Uncontaminated manufacturing

  • Smooth operations

  • Quality assurance

  • Etc.

Our Services 

  • Sanitizing

  • Disinfecting

  • Contamination control

  • Microbial testing

  • Decontaminating

  • Etc.

Industry Leading Expertise

  • Unparalleled Expertise

    Ensuring that cleanrooms stay, well, sufficiently clean. requires specialized training, equipment, and attention to detail. We’ve worked hard for decades to ensure that our teams are appropriately trained and prepared for the unique challenges that can come with working around cleanrooms.


  • Client Partnerships

    Clients often prefer that Pritchard teams integrate with their facilities to ensure that cleanroom cleaning processes can be maintained on an as-needed basis. To that end, our workers can be available 24/7 for onsite support. Floor cleaning services are among the offerings that most benefit cleanrooms and controlled environments.


  • Culture of Safety

    Pritchard technicians work with a culture of safety that’s always front of mind. They are often able to identify potential threats and risks in the workplace before employee health is placed at risk. We are proud to deploy our staff, knowing that they carry this culture of safety with them to our clients’ locations, even extending to restroom cleaning services and day-to-day maintenance.


  • Smart Technology

    Standard-issue tablets and other devices are integrated into the Pritchard CleanTouch QA process to ensure everything is completed to spec. When we build a plan, our teams execute it precisely. Environmental monitoring and controlled environment maintenance are available.


Why Choose Pritchard?

Pritchard Industries employs highly experienced teams alongside the latest and greatest equipment, holistic approaches, and training to ensure that your cleanrooms and other sensitive environments are properly maintained. We know how sensitive cleanroom environments can be and are prepared to deliver work to suit the ISO 9001: 2015 standard.

  • Experienced team

  • Latest methods and equipment used

  • Holistic approach to safety

  • Integrated technology

  • 24/7 availability

Employee Testimonials
Image by Artem Sapegin
"It's a growing company, making improvements in employee benefits and workplace culture. The management is accessible and supportive. The best part of the job is working with talented and dedicated employees in the various branches around the country."
 Boston Employee
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